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Pickup N’ Park helps university students get where they want to be when they want to be there. With increasing admittance but fewer mobility options, university campuses have become congested while unsustainably growing. Students waste time and energy looking for convenient ways to navigate within their campuses, so at Pickup N’ Park we have focused on two areas where students have been most affected: parking and intra-city mobility.

To save time finding parking, students leaving campus can make a request of when and where they parked their cars. Students coming to school can accept these requests and take students back to their cars in exchange for their parking spots. By optimizing each parking space through the entirety of the day, Pickup N’ Park aims to reduce the demand for new parking structures.

Students can facilitate peer-peer ridesharing by booking rides they intended on making. Pickup N’ Park will match passengers and drivers with similar routes and preferences to reduce single occupant cars to sustainably help carpool students around their campus, while reducing the demand for campus shuttle services.

This video demonstrates the process of a passenger booking a ride and a driver accepting and completing the ride request. If you would like to learn more about our services at Pickup N’ Park, fill out our demo form and we will reach out to you!

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Where is the app for the driver?

The app for the passenger and driver are all in one! In order to access the driver tab, fill out your vehicle information and start scheduling rides just as you would from the passnger tab.


How will I know where to meet the student I am getting a ride with?

When scheduling a request, both users will agree upon on a pickup point location. The live tracking feature will be allowed 15 mins before the scheduled ride so both users can ensure a quick and safe pickup!


Are there any safety features?

Yes! Aside from the login verification credentials where we require a school email, ID number, and invitation code, we have also added an SOS button to call 911 during a ride in the case of emergency.

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