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pickup n' park

How we help

College is a struggle, don't let parking be one too.

students save time

Save Time

Book your rides in advance to save the hassle of circling around your school's lots looking for parking.

students save time

Save Energy

Book a ride back to your car so you can save the walk back to your car after a long day's work from class.

students save time

Keep things safe

All users must go through multiple verification stages to be allowed onto our app. In the case of emergency use the SOS button.

How It Works

Passenger Tab

Parking: Select a passenger that has offered their parking spots, and pick them up at the schedule time and location to take them back to their car in exchange for their parking spot.

Carpool: Pickup students at their scheduled pickup time and location and take them to their intended destination

pickup n' park

Driver Tab

Parking: Book a ride request to indicate when and where you would like to get picked up, and where you parked your car.

Carpool: Book a ride request of when and where you would like to get picked up and where your intended destination is.

pickup n' park
pickup n' park

Our Story

Pickup N' Park began as an app with a single purpose. To help college students find parking. We began our launch at University of California-Riverside where we launched our first version of the app store and gained over 100 users in a week! That just so happened to be the same week that led to the pandemic, however. Since then we have taken steps to add some exciting new features that promote safety and efficiency to get students where they want to be.

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